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Welcome to Moldova

The route: Rybnitsa Stroieshti Caterinovca Rashcov

Today we will go with you to the cities of Transnistria, located in the north-east of the Republic of Moldova, on the left bank of the Dniester river.

The first city that we have to visit will be the city of Rybnitsa, located 130 kilometers from the capital of the republic - Rybnitsa is the fifth largest city in the Republic of Moldova and the third in terms of population in Transnistria. The city of Rybnitsa is known as an industrial center, first of all, due to such a large industrial enterprise as the Rybnitsa Metallurgical Plant, which employs about 3,000 people, smelting up to 1 million tons of steel per year.

In Rybnitsa we will visit with you the Michael-Archangel Cathedral - the largest Orthodox church in Transnistria, visit the monument to the residents of the city who died during the Second World War, go to the stele with the names of the residents of the city of Jewish nationality who were shot by the Nazis during the occupation of the city.

Next we will go in the direction of the village Stroeshty (Stroentsy). We will drive along the bank of the Dniester, we will enjoy the contemplation of the picturesque rocky landscapes, covered with bushes and coniferous trees, vineyards, located on the rocky slopes. Stroeshty village is interesting, first of all, by historical figures, whose names are in some way connected with this village. Stroeshty is the birthplace of the famous Russian commander Peter Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky. Another Russian commander settled here, Count Peter Wittgenstein, the owner of the estates in Stroeshty and Kamenka, famous for its vineyards and the production of magnificent brandy.

In Stroeshty we will see several springs with crystal-clear mountain water. On the rocky slopes are still preserved vineyards, laid by the daughter of Wittgenstein. Among the vineyards is visible "The Arbor of the Countess" and the monument to Vitgensheyn, erected in memory of Count Wittgenstein by his daughter. In this picturesque Moldavian village a small surprise awaits us - the “Old Mill”. On the site of a former old mill, there is currently an elegant restaurant, in the fireplace room of which we will have lunch.

After lunch we will go further - to the side of Rashkov. We will drive along the beautiful road along the deep gorges. If desired, in the bizarre outlines of limestone rocks, we can see the outlines of people, animals, plants. When we drive through the Moldovan villages, you can look through the stone fences and see how people live in the outback of Moldova, how their houses are built. You will see Moldavian wells with carved roofs, carts on which farmers carry corn leaves to feed livestock. You will see wine cellars - the pride of every Moldovan peasant.

We will pass through another historic village - Caterinovka, one of the former settlements of the Bessarabian Germans, named after the Russian Czarina Catherine II., who invited her former compatriots to Russia to settle in new areas that had not yet been developed.

Not far from Caterinovka is the final destination of our journey - the city of Rashkov. Rashkov, the oldest settlement on the territory of Transnistria, is known from the 14th century as an important trading center on the crossing of the Dniester River. The mixed population of Rashkov consisted of Catholics, Orthodox and Jews. In this small town, described in one of the novels of the famous Polish writer Heinrich Senkevich, it seems that the streets still have the breath of the Middle Ages. Here We look at the Catholic Cathedral “St. Chaetana "(XVIII century), walk along the steep streets and descend to the ruins of a huge synagogue, we see the legendary ”Pansky Spring”. That is going to be a nice ending of the day.

After visiting Rashkov, tired and happy - we drive back to Chisinau.

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