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Novo-Neamt Holy Ascension Monastery is located in the village of Kitskany, 15 km from the Bendery city. Its name it retained from the ancient Neamţ Lavra, founded in the Moldavian principality in 1367. In 1497, Moldavian gospodar Stefan cel Mare has built in Lavra the cathedral church Ascension of Christ Neamt monastery lands were located on both banks of the Prut. Typography placed in Laura printed the liturgical and religious-moral books. Five centuries Neamţ Monastery has been the spiritual source for Orthodox believers. Everything had changed when in 1859 Prince Alexander Cuza Voda had issued a decree on the secularization of monastic lands. All monastic property was sold at public auction for a peanuts… In 1890 was consecrated the new church in honor of the Ascension of Christ. In the eighties of the nineteenth century in the monastery were built: a hospital, a refectory, a library.

Thanks to the efforts of Abbot Herman in New Neamt monastery were built: Church of the Assumption (1905), two housing of cells (1895-1904.), Mill (1906) stone building for workshops (1908). In 1913 it was built the highest in Moldova, five-story bell tower - 69 meters. New-Neamt monastery was erected during the 50 years and included four temples: each in a special way majestic, each combines neo-Byzantine style with Moldavian folk decor. This monastery has its shrine - the verge of St Paisius Velichkovsky, which is carefully preserved in the altar of the Holy Assumption Cathedral and taken out only during special holidays.

In the early 90-ies of the XX century, there was the revival of the monastery. New Neamţ Lavra continues to live according to internal regulations of Paisius Velichkovsky, here are strictly executed his covenants: reading and singing in a church in Moldavian and Church Slavic languages.

Kitskan bridgehead - each Transnistrian has a banknote, on the backside of which a magnificent monument is depicted, but not everyone thought about and knows about the history of this memorial. Kitskan bridgehead is our next tourist destination.

Tiraspol - the capital of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldovan Republic. The town was founded thanks to the Peace Treaty of Jassy, which was concluded after the Russian-Turkish War (1787-1791 gg.) between Turkey and Russia. According to this Treaty, Turkey ceded Russia the region of Ochakov that included the land between the rivers Dniester and Southern Bug. Empress Ecatherine II, wishing to strengthen the border on the left bank of the Dniester, entrusts the governor V.Kahovsky "overlook the land between the Bug and the Dniester" and prepare proposals for its administrative and territorial structure. About his calculations V.Kahovsky reported to St. Petersburg: “New created fortress would be a means to attract new residents to the city, and the city where will opened trading days and trade fairs will be beneficial to the fortress”. The project of the future fortress has made by engineer Major Franz de Volan. And the work on strengthening of the border along the Dniester River and the construction of the fortress were entrusted to A.V. Suvorov “so that these should lead to carelessness against the enemy attacks”. A.V. Suvorov has laid Median fortress in 1792, and this date is the year of foundation of the city of Tiraspol. By the end of 1795, the construction of the fortress was almost completed. By this time close to the fortress under construction lived about 2500 people and on 27 January 1975 the settlement was granted status of city.

Centuries have passed. City Tiraspol began to extend and during the construction of Suvorov micro district from the fortress remains only one powder vault of bastion "Saint Vladimir". In 2014, in one of the vault was opened an exposition dedicated to the fortress of Tiraspol, in the other one - a church.

Technical information: Extent of the round-trip route - 170 km, duration - 8 hours (taking into account bus- time), sanitary stopping - at a parking station and on the territory of monastery.

IMPORTANT! To have PASSPORT is required for Transnistria border.

ATTENTION!!! For visiting of the Monastery, men shall be dressed in trousers or shorts with length below the knee, the shirt or T-shirt (no tank top). Women – skirts length below the knee, the shoulders are covered, on the head – scarf.

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